Thursday, February 5, 2009


They are the perfect food. Here in Buenos Aires, I can eat them every day. Now I'm not talking about some caramel apple empanada from Taco Bell here people. I'm talking about the real thing. They are practically every food group wrapped up into one little tasty package. The varieties seem endless, sweet or savory.
Last night, I had a tuna empanada for the very first time.

Sometimes they are fried, sometimes they are baked, sometimes they are shaped like giant tortellinis, sometimes they are shaped like hostess fruit pies, but this I am sure they are always delicious. Some other fun facts about empanadas are: they only cost around 2,50 pesos (that's around $0.73 usd), you can find them just about everywhere you go, they are considered to be a national dish of Argentina, and, last but not least, you can have them delivered to your door just like pizza.


  1. I'M SO HUNGRY!!! Maybe you should get some recipes to bring home. Mmmmmmm.

  2. Alice! I am happy that you seem to be having a wonderful time! All of your blogs are so cleverly written, it makes me want to be there with you! (AND your pictures are amazing!) Continue to have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Let me know if you need anything from CSU!

    Hannah S. at CSU Study Abroad