Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kitesurfing in Punta Rasa

Hello dear friends and readers! I know it has been too long! So much is going on I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, I have gone and gotten sick again. This time I have a cold. So far nothing major but it's so frustrating that I can't manage to stay healthy here! I feel pretty well adjusted to the lifestyle, not particularly stressed out or anything. I wonder what is making me so susceptible to illness? My best guess is different bugs, lots of people, and lots of bad air in the city.

Anyway, I've had this weekend trip planned that has been postponed twice already. Of course, it is looking like this Saturday is the day this trip will finally be happening and I am sick. I am still going, I'll take a bunch of dayquil and suffer through! The trip is an all girls kitesurfing camp in Punta Rasa.
I have stolen this picture off of the internet to show you what kite surfing is, and to make you a little jealous. Looks fun doesn't it?

So it's a decent sized group of ladies going to kitsurf in Punta Rasa. The girl that's running the camp, Lu, seems really lively and it sounds like this is going to be a lot of fun. As well as a good opportunity to speak some Spanish, which is always good. We will leave early Saturday morning for Punta Rasa, which is located at the southern tip of the Bay Samborombón and the northern tip of Cape San Antonio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the outer boundary of the Rio de La Plata, the exact point where the water mixes with the Atlantic Ocean. I haven't seen the ocean yet since I've been here so I'm excited just for that reason! Buenos Aires sits inside a little nook of the Rio de la Plata, so that's all you see here from the city.

All I really know about this camp is that we have a heated pool at the hotel, food, equipment, and lodging are provided, and by the time I come home on Sunday I will be able to say that I have been kitesurfing.

I will take lots of pictures and let you know how this little adventure turns out.

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  1. Hey hey hey, kitesurfing is one of the best sport ever invented! Just a tip, before heading out, make sure you learned all the basics. Put in mind it is an extreme sport.